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The Queer Muslim Project is one of the largest youth-led online networks of LGBTQIA+ Muslims, with a global community of over 22,000 people and counting. We work to equip LGBTQIA+ persons with the skills necessary to challenge existing narratives of fear and stigma around their bodies and identities through digital storytelling, inclusive faith-based dialogue, identifying adequate legal and mental health support, and creating safe and enabling online and offline spaces.

Queer Youth Group: Queer Youth Group from Nepal began as a loose affiliation in 2018, registered as a not-for-profit in 2020 advocates for the rights of people of marginalized sexual orientation, gender identity & sex characteristics (PoMSOGIESEC).

Inter-University LGBT Network & Young OUT Here: Inter-University LGBT Network is a student-run organisation that collaborates with and maintains the continuity of the various university groups.,currently having 8 member groups across universities in Singapore. Our mission is to foster safe and inclusive school communities regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

MYRainbow & Queer Asian Project: Initiated in 2018, MYRainbow is a non-profit community in Malaysia that seeks to empower LGBTQ+ youth and develop role models for the community. We aim to enable all LGBTQ+ youth to achieve their potential, regardless of where they are through virtual and physical spaces.

As part of our continued interfaith advocacy for LGBTIQ adolescents and youth, Youth Voices Count partnered up with Queer Theologians in Praxis for an online ecumenical and public study on the “Introduction to Queer Christian Theologies”. This course is primarily designed for interested young queer activists, youth leaders and students, and faith leaders.

Prism is an anonymous online messaging platform designed to uplift members of the LGBTQ+ community by connecting them to supportive listeners to exchange guidance, experience, and advice. We developed this platform over the last two years to address the growing need of the LGBTQ+ community seeking online support. Check out their website at

Équité Sri Lanka comprises a close-knit team of multi-disciplinary experts experienced in research and advocacy in a range of development and humanitarian specialties. It was formed (unofficially but with a social media presence) in May 2017 and operated by a group of enthusiastic human rights activists in Sri Lanka. Since then, Équité has been forming a strong network with young volunteers who have roots in various regions across the country, with national organizations such as Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission and Legal Aid Commission and with a range of LGBTIQ NGOs.

Read as “Yawol”, Ya_All in Manipuri translates to Revolution. They are the first youth-queer-led and focused registered Youth Network in the North East Region of India having 8 states and based in Imphal. All the board, staff, and volunteers are under 35 years of age. Ya_All provides a safe space through their initiative called “Meitram”, the first co-working and networking space run by queer individuals in India. Meitram acts as the Free Resource Hub and supports young and queer persons through free peer counseling, free peer-to-peer training, capacity building, and advocacy to educate, equip, and empower young people and destigmatize the conversations around Sexual & Reproductive health and rights (SRHR), Mental health & well-being, Substance use & Harm Reduction of adolescents, youth and LGBTI+ individuals.

Inclusive Bangladesh is a non-registered local non-profit and voluntary-based community youth organization run from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its mission is to construct an inclusive culture through ensuring quality education, addressing hate speech and violent extremism, promoting interfaith dialogue and gender diversity with active participation of youths across Bangladesh. Its coherent vision is to promote an egalitarian society where the local youths will be in the leading function to empower each other, become future leaders, ensure human rights, and play an active role in constructing a sustainable, efficient, equitable, and peaceful society. View their Employability Skill Development Handbook here.

Established in 2010, Bahaghari Center contributes towards eradicating discrimination within and against the LGBTQIA community. Their efforts include: 1. LGBTQIA-related studies (e.g., “Being LGBT in Asia: Philippines Country Report” for UNDP and USAID, journalistic stylebook for media practitioners covering LGBTQIA issues, and #PreventionNOTCondemnation to identify HIV-related efforts of faith-based organizations; 2. Giving trainings/workshops to LGBTQIA communities on SOGIESC and HIV (e.g., it is the only organization that gives community-based HIV screening training to Deaf Filipinos); and 3. Organizing LGBTQIA gatherings (e.g. in 2017, it oversaw the 4th LGBTQIA National Conference). View their brochure on SOGIESC 101 here.

UniGEN is an LGBTIQ community-based grassroots organization in Ho Chi Minh City. UniGEN’s vision is to promote inclusivity and diversity within and outside Vietnam LGBTIQ community. Since 2015, UniGEN has organized and developed multiple projects to break down stereotypes about the LGBTIQ community, raise visibility, and awareness of minority groups within the LGBTIQ community, promote freedom of love and pride of self. Their values include: Embrace the Diversity – Tolerate & Empathize – Leave no one behind.

Since Queer Asian Project was launched in March 2020, they have been focused on highlighting as many stories as possible from queer Asians across the globe. These stories are told by everyday people who experience their lives in a myriad of ways. They are about dreams, courage, loss, struggle, survival, love, and ultimately, transformation. .