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Youth Empowerment Grants for Youth-Led LGBTIQ Organizations


Youth Voices Count is committed to supporting LGBTIQ youth-led initiatives in the region. Following the same vision of our IGNITE! Mentorship Programme in 2015, the Youth Empowerment grants hopes to support youth-led projects working around LGBTIQ+ in countries in the Asia – Pacific Region. The grants will be implemented for a period of 6 months, which will include pre-activity preparations, fund transfers, documentation, and liquidation. The unique aspect of this grant is the inclusion of the “Mentorship Scheme” as part of the M&E and technical support mechanism of the grant, more details on this is provided below.

With Youth Voices Count’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, we have effectively increased our advocacy areas and network focus to cover young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex persons. Youth Voices Count envisions a society in which young people of [all] sexual and gender diversity including [those that identify as] lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identities lead safe and free lives with  equal opportunity to achieve their full potential and well-being. 


The grants will focus on five core themes of the youth empowerment advocacy for LGBTIQ+ populations



1. At least 80% of organization’s governance body and membership must consist of young people must be between the ages of 18 – 35 years old. The lead applicant/project coordinator must also be between 18 – 35 years old. 

2. The applicant organization may or may not be a Youth Voices Count member. 

3. The organization may or may not be legally registered; however, they must operate in a country in the Asia-Pacific Region.

4. The proposed activity should be inclusive and responsive to the needs of the local LGBTIQ activists. 

5. The proposed activity should be able to demonstrate ability to produce advocacy outcomes or clear follow-up processes.

6. Priority will be given to proposals demonstrating intersectionality of issues and approaches to addressing marginalization.

7. Priority will be given to small, emerging grassroots groups with little or no access to funding from larger donors.

8. Priority will also be given to groups led by lesbian, bisexual or queer women; transgender persons; intersex persons; refugees; ethnic, national and caste minorities; indigenous communities; rural or urban disadvantaged communities; persons living with HIV; persons with disabilities; initiatives on climate change or land rights.

9. Applications from countries that are higher middle income according to the latest OECD DAC List 2018-2020 will not be accepted. 


The grant will provide a maximum of USD2,000.00 to successful applicants. The amount may be used for honorarium, training costs,payment of venue, food, transportation of participants, and other relevant materials. The grant will be treated as a lump sum to allow applicants to work flexibly with the budget, and to help inform YVC of the unique needs of each applicant such that we do not constrain budgets unnecessarily with fixed amounts which may not be appropriate to the proposal. For example, one organization may have no need for a high allowance budget, while another organization may need a higher allotment to allow for travel of participants. Per diems, allowances, honorariums, and salaries can make up a maximum of 25% of the total budget.


The application process for the #IGNITE grants will be open on a rolling basis, for a period of 7 months. A total of 10 projects/organizations will be supported with 5 projects supported per round. Note that there will be two open calls for application:

Call for applications
(2 months)
1 Dec 2019 – 30 Jan 2020

Application Review and Selection
(2 months)
1 Feb 2020 – 30 Mar 2020

Implementation and Reporting
(3 months)
1 Apr 2020 – 30 Jun 2020

Post-implementation Review
(1 month)
1 Jul 2020 – 30 Jul 2020

Call for applications
(2 months)
1 Sep 2019 – 30 Oct 2020

Application Review and Selection
(2 months)
1 Nov 2020 – 30 Dec 2020

Implementation and Reporting
(3 months)
1 Jan 2021 – 30 Mar 2021

Post-implementation Review
(1 month)
1 Apr 2021 – 30 Apr 2021 


The applicants will be required to submit a concept paper detailing the rationale, objectives, and envisaged outcomes of the activity. The concept note should also describe the design of the activity, including the program, criteria for selecting participants, target demographic, and sustainability. An application form will be provided, which will provide details and helpful tips for crafting their concept papers. More than one LGBTIQ youth rganization can submit a proposal as a consortium.

A detailed budget will be required showing costs of each item in USD. The application form will also provide useful information about what inds of costs are acceptable, and what details they need to provide so YVC can better evaluate their application. Applicants will be encouraged to consider how to integrate wellness into their proposals, as well as appropriate compensation for volunteers and staff who will work on the project.



To apply, download the Project Proposal and Budget Proposal files. Fill up, save as PDF, and email both documents to [email protected] before January 30, 2020.


Submit your IGNITE! Empowerment Grants Application before January 30, 2020

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